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JavaScript developer

I like blockchain, I am French, nearly Chinese, twice entrepreneur, once CFO.

Fell down the crypto rabbit hole, traded shitcoins, went for full-time buidl, not looking back!

My projects

NEM Foundation: Junior Dev

NEM is an unique blockchain platform that enables to manage "smart assets" in a versatile way through standard RESTful JSON API calls. Founder, Full Stack Dev

My Decentraland is the most advanced tool to get insights about the Decentraland LAND market.

Decentraland is a virtual world. It's land ownership is managed by a non fungible tokens registry on Ethereum. Co-Founder, Full Stack Dev

SwissVite is a validator of the Vite network. Vite is a blockchain platform based on a DAG, with a DPOS blockchain on top, and a customized integration of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.